Connectivity and Network

The most powerful, reliable wireless networking available. No building or space is too large. A wireless network is an excellent extension to a normal wired network and is required to fully utilise any mobile devices at the school. A wireless network needs to be carefully designed to ensure that you have the coverage and bandwidth to meet your needs.

We offer wireless network solutions (all makes and models to suit your schools budget) – from single wireless access points to whole school wireless solutions. We offer full site survey (heat mapping), network design and installation.

Power & Data requirements – we offer a full network installation services from the addition of a single network data point or electrical point to a full data network or power installation, design and build.

Internet Support in Your School

We recognize the importance of Internet connection to the daily operation of our customers, but we also recognize that not all connections suit every budget so rather than offer one connection we offer different types of connection to suit every budget and requirement. When providing an Internet Connection to schools, we are acutely aware that it is now vital to teaching and learning. Consequently, we always ensure we provide the best connection for each individual school based on their requirements, geographical location and services available.

Internet Services

We also offer a range of Internet Services in addition to our range of Internet connections. We can take the complexity out of your Internet Services whether its ensuring you are meeting your safeguarding requirements including those from the Prevent agenda or projecting a new school image with custom domain names and email addresses. Services include:

  • E-Mail management
  • E-Mail Spam and Malware filtering
  • Content monitoring
  • Website Blocking Management
  • DNS Management
  • Remote Access Solutions

The Internet is a wonderful resource for students which puts the world in their hands, allowing them to discover, connect and create. When we look at the issue of Internet safety we aim to keep the issue in context and have a balanced view, remembering the overall tremendous benefits that the medium brings to schools. Our aim is to deliver that resource in a safe, managed and monitored way.


Our Technicians possess the highest levels of accreditation in wireless technology. We handle ALL elements of the design, installation and configuration from initial Site Survey to the installation of any necessary backbone cabling to the final configuration itself.

The education environment places unique demands on Wireless solutions. Solutions that are perfectly acceptable in the Home or Office are not suitable for schools and colleges.

The most critical element of a Wireless solution in schools and colleges is Density. Density refers to the ability of a Wireless solution to handle many tens of devices logging on at the same time. In schools and colleges this activity occurs pretty much every hour as lessons change. This is very different to how you may use your Wireless at home or in the office.

We will assess your requirements and provide the best cost effective solution available for wireless connectivity, including the installation and maintenance.

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At Cnetso Education we pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete bespoke ICT solution which we split into three tiers, Technology, Application and Knowledge.

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