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Consultancy Services & Project Management

Cnetso Education provides consultation and advice on a range of ICT areas for schools, some of which include the following:

  • New School Design & build – Working to support schools through the entire process of a new school build (or extension to an existing building)
  • Security Management – Advice and practical services to help you protect your ICT infrastructure, staff and students.
  • Policy Development – Design and creation of polices to ensure your systems are used in the correct way (e.g. ICT Acceptable Use, Social Media Policy, etc)
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Comprehensive planning service which brings together all of the key elements required to ensure schools have appropriate plans in place to protect their key systems in the event of major school issues.
  • Management – All of the services required to manage a school’s ICT service on a day to day basis such as full service budget management, communications, equipment procurement and contract/supplier management.
  • Computer Forensics – Examination of digital media, such as personal computers, mobile phones, to establish factual evidence of illegal unauthorized or unusual activities.

ICT has transformed the way that children learn and teachers teach. As the gap between technology and learning continues to close, it is imperative for schools to introduce an effective ICT strategy that will maximize the potential of every child by offering the best possible digital learning experience. A wide range of ICT elements that are essential to the school improvement process and ongoing management are equally as important to long-term success.

Helping You To Achieve Your Goals.

ICT is an essential part of every school’s success. From our experience, schools always have different requirements from their ICT systems, yet the following goals always remain the same:

  1. Promote a safe and secure learning environment
  2. Provide students with the best possible digital learning experience
  3. Conform to and exceed OFSTED measures
  4. Surpass national targets
  5. Meet the requirements to deliver the new 2015 computing curriculum

In order to achieve the above goals, it is essential for schools to introduce an effective ICT strategy that provides a clear vision for the role technology will play in supporting the computing curriculum and ongoing school management.

Helping to Maximize Your Schools Annual ICT Budget.

The number of new technologies available to schools continue to grow at an exponential rate. These include mobile devices and cloud-based applications used in the classroom for teaching, learning and essential infrastructure technologies that reside in the server room, including servers, firewalls, switches and backup devices.


With an overwhelming number of new technologies, a limited annual ICT budget and the continued pressure to surpass targets and exceed measures, it has never been more important for key decision makers to make the correct purchasing decisions at the very first time of asking.


Without a clear ICT strategy in place, your school is at risk of making purchasing decisions that will impede your learning environment and the school improvement process.

Meet The Challenges with a Clear Vision for ICT…

Our ICT continues to assist a growing number of schools by helping them to introduce a successful ICT strategy that meets the needs of the computing curriculum and the school improvement process.


We embrace a wider role in the school improvement process by consulting and working with your internal ICT function, third party consultants, head teachers and senior leaders. We provide a clear vision for applying a successful ICT strategy that is defined by the following evaluation process:

  1. Review of the schools existing ICT provision and how technology is used
  2. Assessment of the challenges faced by your school
  3. Defining the goals that your school is trying to achieve


We will deliver a comprehensive report, listing a series of recommended changes that will have a positive impact on school improvement and a blueprint for introducing a successful ICT strategy that will help you to achieve the following objectives:

  • Define the role of ICT in the curriculum, school management and school improvement
  • Maximize the schools existing ICT infrastructure to support the delivery of the new computing curriculum
  • Maximize the schools existing ICT admin network infrastructure to support ongoing school management and school improvement
  • Ensure value for money through intelligent purchasing decisions
  • Establish defined staff roles, management structures and define the roles of outsourced services
  • Implement ongoing ICT training and consultancy to support your staff in their defined roles
  • Introduce new, or evaluate existing school ICT and e-safety policies
  • Introduce and develop online learning facilities
  • Introduce a long-term strategy to future-proof your school’s ICT Infrastructure

Project Management

We understand that a change in school status, expansion or building programme can have a profound and positive impact on the standing of a school in the wider community and on the outcomes of its students – accelerating improvement and delivering excellence. Our project managers (Prince2 Practitioner Certified), provide a wide range of project management and education services to schools. We can cover all aspects of a full programme of work including areas such as project planning, stakeholder management, 3rd party management, reporting, etc. Examples of project management services include:

  • ICT Implementation
  • ICT Services rationalization
  • School Building programme
  • Academy conversion
  • Tender processes

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